Monday, December 05, 2011

Christmas Card Craziness!! And a bit of Cuteness

Well, first up is a photo of Alyssa, just cause she adds a sense of cuteness to my blog that stitching just doesn't cover! She was hiding behind the curtains! And here are some of my Christmas Cards completed! I thought I had taken photos of the stitching for the last two that I finished just on their own, but apparently not, so here are 5 of the ten that will be going out to select close family and friends. I originally wanted to get more stitched up, but I couldn't do it! Oh well, better luck next time!

and this is what the inside looks like:
Is it corny? I mean I know it's not professional quality by any means, but my mom used to help us kids make all our Valentines for our class Valentine parties, while other people were handing out store bought ones, my mother instilled in us the special-ness of something hand made! So, even though it may not be perfect, I enjoyed making them, and so I hope those who recieve them enjoy them too.

Well, this past weekend, I worked on Coming Home for The Holidays, as it was SAL weekend with Juls, so I will be sharing a photo of that here soon!
Thank you all for reading! I hope you're all having a wonderful holiday season so far, and I will post again soon!


country stitcher said...

Your cards are not corny at all. Every year I look forward to checking my mail for christmas cards. It the best part of christmas, reading the cards, letters & seeing the pictures they send.
Happy Holidays

Chris said...

Your cards are beautiful. You have done a beautiful job. You are much more generous with your stitching than I am.

Margaret said...

I think your cards will be all the more precious for being handmade and containing work by you as well as a pic of your family. They're wonderful! And Alyssa is adorable!

Lynn said...

I love your cards! I think they will be all the more special for the time you have put into them.
Alyssa is really growing! She looks a lot like her Mom.

Minnie said...

I would love to get a cross stitched card, they are precious.

Debby said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly Alyssa is growing? She's so cute - and I bet things are better than when she was first born, well maybe more hectic! LOL

I love the cards, they are so perfect and those special people you send them to will indeed feel special! You've done a great job.

Mangogirl said...

awww so cute! She has such a gorgeous smile!

Those cards are lovely as well!