Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Bad blogger!

Yup, thats me! See? I think of blogging as a two part system! There's the "Posting to my own blog" part, and then there's the "Commenting and visiting your blog" part...I suppose I'm doing ok on the first part but horribly on the second! (If my overfull google reader is any indication!) Please forgive me wonderful fellow bloggers and followers! I just enjoy SOOO many blogs that to comment on every one all the time...well I would never post to my blog cause I wouldn't have any time to stitch,therefore nothing to blog about! So, this morning I did try to go around and visit and say hello to some of you! There is soooooo much stitchy beauty out there!! =) I will be back with a post of Coming Home for the Holidays soon...maybe even later today!!

I hope you're all having a great day! And although it is already the 8th here,I pray that my fellow Americans will keep in remembrance those who lost lives at Pearl Harbor 70 years ago!


Chris McGuire said...

I know what you mean. Too many blogs too little time :-)

Margaret said...

I know the feeling -- my reader is always so full, it's hard to keep up!