Monday, March 14, 2011

Not a ton done, but some!

Not alot of progress, but a little!! I have been working on the trunk of the tree, some of the backstitch, the border on the bottom and the yellow border on the left hand side. In between feedings and holding the little one!! She sleeps enough to let me get a little stitching in!! Ok, gotta go...time to feed the baby again....she eats alot!!! Yesterday was her 2 week appt, and she has gained a pound since birth and she has grown almost 3 inches!!! She is starting to get little chubby cheeks now!! I will try to post photos of her in my next post!!!
Thank you all for reading!!! Happy Stitching!!
Edited to add:
PS....Just to let all my wonderful friends, and fellow readers/bloggers know, I am doing fine, the earthquake and tsunami on mainland Japan didn't have an impact on our tiny island. We are safe and doing fine!!! Thank you Jayne for your concerned comment!!! I meant to write something about this in this post, and then had to run to get baby, so thank you very much for your thoughts and concern! It means so much to me!! =) Also if you could keep our military in prayer and good thoughts, as many are being sent from this island up to the mainland to provide assistance to the rescue and relief efforts there. It is a dangerous place to be, what with aftershocks still rumbling the ground, and nuclear poisoning from the power plants that were hit and damaged. 4 men from my husbands squadron were already sent this week, and they may call up more to go. Thank you!!!


jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

OH YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW JOYFUL IT IS TO SEE YOU ON YOUR BLOG.... I have been so very worried about you, baby and your hubbies. I sent an email and just came to look and here is a entry... Thank you. I am very happy that you are safe, sound and all together.

Jules said...

Hear Hear!

I am so glad you are all safe and sound. I have thought about you a lot over the past few days.

Your WIP is looking great! Slow but steady, LOL!!

Kerry said...

worYou are in our thoughts and prayers, all of you. Try to stay safe.
I am a Stitching Sister with Jayne, please feel free to check out my blog!

Inked Eskimo said...

Ditto to the rest- I checked to see if Okinawa was okay and was relieved that it wasn't effected. Glad you're all alright! x

Joanie said...

Hi Lana, my son is stationed at Kadena. We are waiting to hear if he has to go to the mainland to help out. Members of his squadron have gone already. I am keeping all of you in my prayers!

Kathy Ellen said...

It is such good news to learn that you are all safe. Prayers coming your way for your hubby and friends going to assist the people of Japan. God Be With Everyone!

Erica said...

Glad you and your family are ok/ Still, that is quite close to all that horror!
Alyssa is so cute!
That is quite a large tree! Usually the part I get bogged down in, is grass. I hate grass! It takes forever to stitch, even if it does look nice when it is finished!
Will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.