Friday, June 11, 2010

Always late, but worth the wait!

Yup, that's me, check it out! Almost half way through the month and STILL haven't posted goals or anything for that matter! Not to mention, I basically didn't even post the last half of last month! But! i'm here now, so lets get on with it!

1. Letter K- DONE!
2. Letter J- Done!
3. May Monthly block-Done!
4. Work on Petal- done!
5. Finish page one on Howling- DONE!
6. Finish page 1 of The Abbey- DONE PLUS!!! I finished Page 2 while I was at it! =)

So, Even though I didn't think it would be a great month stitching wise it was actually VERY good! I got everything I wanted to finish and more! I was so surprised. However my reading suffered last month, only got 4 books read, and one of those was an audio. I am in high hopes of getting more completed this month, I already have two finished, so I'm doing ok on that!

1. Letter L
2. Letter M
3. Work 10 hours on Petal (maybe finish it)
4. Work 10 hors on Howling
5.Work 10 hours on The Abbey

Finish 8 books

I have already finished #1. And that's it! LOL....I have been so busy with other things. I am now busy with a Bible Study and new friends here on island, so I don't have as much time as I used to, and I hate that, but what can you do?

So we shall see how these goals go!

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Michelle-ozark crafter said...

Always better late than never! LOL! Huggles.