Friday, January 29, 2010

Who the junk does this crap?!

Some one spam commented me over 200 times yesterday!'s all in Japanese, those dorks!!

So, I have my comment moderator on, so all comments will go to my inbox first, before they are approved! This is such bull $#!* !!!!! I am so sorry to all my faithful wonderful readers who have to deal with this, and I hope it doesn't keep you from commenting!!!

Just what I needed tonight....yesterday I had my wisdom teeth pulled, so of course I slept on and off on the happy drugs in between many episodes of The Cosby show and now it's some 2:45 am, and I'm wide awake! Grrr....Well, off to try to get rid of all the crap comments this idiot left all over my page!

I had my first finish for the year and will try to post a photo here soon!


Deb said...

Lana - I've had that problem on and off too and it really is irritating. I finally set up my blog so comments over two weeks have to be moderated by me. The ones that come in are almost always Spam. I still an occasional on a recent post, but it's gotten a lot better.

Jennifer said...

so sorry to hear that. There are some strange and cruel people out there unfortunately.
I have had my comment moderator on for almost a year now, when my own son left an obscene and hurtful long comment for the world to see.
Now, they all go to my email first to moderate.

I hope you feel better and your recovery is fast!!!

Feathers in the Nest

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

So sorry you are dealing with this.

Kathryn said...

I've had a problem with spam comments from time to time. First I tried moderation, but it was such a pain. I finally got rid of almost all of them with NO ANONYMOUS posters. If I get few, I check their Blogger account (which is generally empty or spam itself) and report them to Google. That seems to have cleared them up.

Blu said...

There's been some crazy spamming going around recently. Rest assured that your followers will continue to comment!

Daffycat said...

Most of those type comments are done by a computer program...the word verification should stop them. I detest WV but it is a necessary evil.

I'm looking forward to seeing that finish!

Jules said...

Some people just have no brains in their heads, or at least don't know how to use them for good. I will continue to read and comment.

Feel better soon! I had all four of mine pulled at the same time back in 2002/3 (can't remember which year it was). I had one heck of a time with it too. Woke up from the anesthetic while they were mid-procedure (they hit a nerve), was pumped full of more so they could finish (almost an entire vial was used on me), wound up getting a bad fever coming off the crap, and had to miss a couple of classes at school --- mind you, I was 30 or 31 when I had them pulled and it gets more difficult with age, or so they say. ;)

Looking forward to seeing your finish!