Monday, June 23, 2008

So close yet so far away.

It seems so odd to me that the closer you get to a finish the farther away it seems, you think "So soon, it'll be done" and you just keep stitching, and stitching, and stitching....aaaand stitching, and you start to wonder were you as close as you really thought?

That is how it's been with Fruit of prayer! I have had the past 3 days off from work as my company is cutting back hours because we went way over in man hours to prepare for and work inventory, so now we have to cut back, so I took the last four days off. Today being the last of the four days.

So, I have had plenty of time to stitch, and I have been doing that, however, between a very rivetting Mary Higgins Clark, and a hilarious Sophie Kinsella, I have not been doing much by way of stitching at all! I have done some, but I have to put some of the blame to my hubby who got me all seasons 1-9 of Law and Order SVU. Darn him for spoiling me so! LOL! Who can stitch when watching Law and Order? I did do it a bit, but I get so into the show that then I sit watching with needle in hand staring zombie like at the screen while my stitching sits idly on my lap.

Between good books and a hubby who spoils her with HOURS of TV entertainment....what's a girl to do?! I think today I am gonna put in my Janet Evanovich audio book which I still need to finish and stitch away!

And to answer the commentor who ask a while back, I have started the numbers series by this author, I have read #1, have number two but have yet to get into it, but I will. It is a really good series, so far. I don't know if I will ever catch up, seeing as how Number 14 was just released. By the time I get to number 14 she will probably have written number 20!!! Not to mention that my "To Be Read Pile looks like this:

Edited: Added photo that wouldn't load earlier!

Have a great week! Happy stitching!

Ps...that is the headboard of my bed, if those books fall while I'm sleeping, you may never hear from me again! Thank goodness Texas is not prone to Earthquakes! LOL

Oh yeah and the books IN the shelf, not on top are two rows deep!


Michelle-ozark crafter said...

I know what you mean! It goes so good as you sew along until you are almost done and then what happens? It takes 3 times as long as it should! Bad computer for eating that picture!

Stitchingranny said...

lol I just hate that when I am so near the end but the piece keeps growing so there is still more to do.

Kathryn said...

I don't see how anyone can stitch with the television on. If there are moving pictures, my eyes are glued to the screen. Maybe a baseball game...but even basketball moves to quickly to not watch all the time.

You shouldn't have too much trouble catching up in the Evanovich series. The books are all rather short. And after seven or eight, they are all rather repetitious. It's a good series, but it's gone on WAY too long.

I've done the same thing -- thought I was almost done and then stitched for another three days. Still there will come a day when you do finish.

Aussie Stitcher said...

I can relate to staring at the screen like a zombie, needle poised in mid air. You certainly have lots of books there, I too am glad that Texas is not prone to earthquakes, imagine that lot crashing down on you!!!

Cricketstitch said...

Hi Lana,
I also know that feeling of being so close to the end of a project but always finding more to do.

As for the pic of your headboard, good for you. At least all the books are right at your hands. Two things I can't live without books and cross stitch. Lots of luck with the finish, please post a pic!

Stitchingranny said...

Oh Lana my to read pile is even bigger than that - trouble is just lately as soon as I start to relax into a book I fall asleep.

CritterLady62 said...

You'll enjoy the Evanovich series. I've found them to be a quick read.

Sharon said...

Hi Lana! I hope you get your finish soon! Your books collection looks wonderful!

I see that you belong the stitching bloggers club-I am trying to get the group up and running. We would love to see you there.