Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Photos finally!

I finished him!!!! Yippee for me!!! I did actually finish him by my dead line, on Sunday, I have just been lazy and not posting here. I have been more into reading lately than stitching. I have done SOME stitching though.

I must admit I didn't finish page 1 of Howling at the moon by the 10th as I'd hoped, but there is some progress, so that is good. As for The fruit of prayer sampler, I haven't even laid eyes on the thing in awhile. I don't even know where it is! So I better get a move on it if I plan on finishing it by the 20th, although I doubt that will truly happen. But you never know!

I have however started the next snowman in my 6 piece series. And have gotten pretty far. I have been stitching while listening to a book by Janet Evanovich. "Metro Girl" It's pretty good. I have recently invested in a few more audio books to listen to while stitching, that way I can do both at the same time, sorta. I don't consider listening to an audio book "reading" but ::shrug::.

So, here is my photo of the next Snowman:

Poor headless guy! lol! Although I think this one is a girl. She has heart shaped buttons on! It looks like a blob right now, but hopefully that will be changing soon. All that red you see is the scarf, if you can't tell!

and here is my progress on Howling at the Moon. So, I didn't make it to finish page 1, but I'm kinda close.

This is what the pattern looks like, so you can see that I really don't have that much left to do on this page! With all the color changes on this one is does take awhile, but I love it!

Well I hope you are all having a lovely week so far. I am doing well. I have to take Freedom to the Vet today, poor girl. it's just for her yearly check up and shots though, nothing major. She hates going though. I think I will share a photo of my pup, she is part German Shepherd part something unidentified! She has beautiful coloring though. She's my baby!


Stitchingranny said...

These snowmen (women) are so sweet and I am really enjoying watching your collection grow. When you are done you will have to take a picture of all 6 together.

Juanita said...

Congratulations on finishing your snowman. Looks like you're off to a good start on the next one.

Poor Freedom. They really don't like going to the vet, do they? Mine had to get stitches out this week, and they finished it so quickly that I don't think she even realized that she had been to the V-E-T. LOL

Deanne J said...

Congrats on finishing your snowman and great progress made on the next one.

Itching To Stitch said...

Congratulations on finishing your snowman. And you've already got a great start on the next one ;)

CritterLady62 said...

Congrats on your snowman finish and your snow woman start. Janet Evanovich is a great auther - have you tried her series with the numbers?