Sunday, February 10, 2019

The Gaze progress in January

I was able to get my first page finish on this piece, and I got down to the wolf, so I can work on another color other than orange! Yippie!!  
I worked on this for the “By the Numbers 2400 stitches” SAL in the Full Coverage Fanatics Facebook group. I got exactly 2400 stitches in on it! I’m really pleased with this progress. 

Thank you for stopping in, I hope you all have a wonderful week, and those in North America are staying warm! Be careful out there!! And as always, Joyful Stitching!!


Linda said...

Congrats on the page finish Lana. I love the orange.


Katie said...

Beautiful progress! It's always nice to get to a new color.

Vicki said...

Lana, your progress on both of your pieces looks fantastic. It's always so much fun to see how much you accomplish in your rotation. Thanks for sharing with us!

Panther Martial Arts said...

Congratulation on your work progress.

Love it!

CathieJ said...

Yay for a change in color. I once did a sampler from my mother that was all green except for a few lavender flowers. I was so happy to finish that sampler. Your stitching is looking great. I am looking forward to watching the rest of the picture emerge.