Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Autumn Peace....More progress than most!

This is my primary focus piece, because I am stitching it as a gift for my mom, so I tend to pick it up almost daily, while the rest of my projects languish in the background crying for my attention. Not only is it a gift for my mom, but I truly DO love working on this one! So, that also probably plays a part in the fact that I have no trouble working on it for the amount that I do every month!  I have less than a quarter left of this page, then it's onto the next one!! I hope to have a finish on this page by the next time I post, but we shall see how that goes, as we are sliding into the end of the year, and holiday time is upon us. So, busy, busy times! But, I will still see a good chunk of work on it, no less, I'm sure!

I hope all my American readers enjoy Thanksgiving on Thursday, and that we can all find something to be Thankful for. Enjoy eating until your seams groan in protest, and hopefully enjoy lots of good time with family and loved ones!

Thank you again, for stopping by, and as always, Joyful stitching!!


mdgtjulie said...

Hi Lana. That looks absolutely FAB. I love the autumn colors, so that really looks good to me. Here's hoping you have a great Thanksgiving as well, and time spent with your family and friends is wonderful.

Katie said...

I don't blame you for loving this one. It's just beautiful. Great work on it. Happy Thanksgiving!

Linda said...

Great progress Lana.


Renee said...

Beautiful progress!