Monday, September 05, 2016

Autumn Peace progress

Last time I shared (Aug. 20th):


And! I started doing minimal parking. It's ok. I think part of it makes it go faster, but I still have to work around all those threads and that's tedious. So, my mind isn't totally made up on this. I think it'd be easier if I worked on a frame, but I work in hand, so... Yeah.
Still really enjoying this piece.
I have (yet again!) made a change to my rotation. 
It was looking like this:
Autumn Peace- focus project (work on everyday)
Sea of Roses- secondary piece(work on 4 days a week)
Ornies work 3 days a week 

But! I am SO close to a finish on SOR, that I just want to focus on it and see if I can't get it finished by years end. So, I'm just gonna switch SOR and AP so SOR is my focus piece, and AP gets worked on 4 days a week. Then focus on AP, and then bring in a different WIP near the beginning of next year (probably Day Surrendering to Night, as I Love that one so much!)
I really want to get a finish this year, and I think I can do it! So we'll see how it goes! Wish me luck!

As always, thankyou for dropping in and reading. I really appreciate it! 


Katie said...

Beautiful progress! Good luck figuring out what rotation works for you. I'm just a work on what I want to work on type of person. Probably why I have a thousand WIPs haha.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

That is looking very nice!

gominam said...

Lovely progress. Still havent tried parking, I get confused and still work by hand. Your rotation seems to be working out great. Looking forward to your updates😊