Saturday, June 11, 2016

Autumn Peace Do- over!

Thank you everyone who commented with good advice on what to do with this project. So! What I decided to do was I started page two on 18 count off white Aida.  I am really enjoying working on this now! This is a little over 1200 stitches, I believe. 
Although I am truly enjoying working on this, I must admit I seem to have lost my stitchy bug, sooooo... I would really liked to have been so much further along with this but it's slow going. Not because the stitching is slow, when I work on it, it works up quickly, I just haven't been wanting to stitch much lately.  But every stitch is progress, so I keep chugging along, slow and steady.
Hope you all have a great stitch filled weekend! 


Linda said...

It looks great Lana.


Lillie said...

Looking good

Rebekah said...

Glad to hear you are liking the fabric so much more. I hope it is faster going.