Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Thrifty haul!!

I'm super excited about this because this never happens to me! 
So! We went out of town to visit with friends over the weekend. And they know that I love to scour Goodwill for books. I'm a huge reader and I love being able to find great books for super cheap! 
Well after I'd finished pilfering the book aisle, I took a quick gander through the rest, you never know what you might come across. 
So I was about to go past an aisle with just a bunch of random stuff on the aisle when I saw what looked to be two floss boxes stacked on top of each other. I could tell there was something in them, but I was thinking someone probably used it to store beads or fishing lures. 
But I took a closer look anyway. Here's what I found:

Two boxes full of DMC already bobbinated and labeled! And there are some needles and extra bobbins in there as well!! Both these together cost me 7$!!
I could NOT believe it!! 
Anyway. I had a great day at goodwill!! Two boxes of DMC floss and 20 books!! I was so happy with my treasures! 


Linda said...

Congrats on the awesome finds Lana.


Lynette said...

Wow! What a great haul!

Minnie said...

Lucky You!

gominam said...

Woohoo, a stitcher's dream come true, haha, your excitement must have shown throughout the store and they're wondering why. All labeled and bobbinated, that's neat!

Lillie said...

WoW ! what a treasure trove. I bet you can't stop smiling. I can feel the excitement. Enjoy!