Monday, March 14, 2016

First finish for 2016!!

FINALLY! I have my first finish for the year!

Isn't he cute?! I love this little guy!! I started him the day after Christmas and just finished him a few minutes ago!! I can't believe it's taken so long!! Of course I've had a lot of things taking up my time other than just stitching lately, plus I work a rotation, so I wasn't working JUST on him. 
But boy, does it feel great to have a finish!! 
I am aiming to also finish page 2 of Day Surrendering to Night by the end of this month. I have less than a complete column to go until I see a finish on it. 

So next time I post I will share my update on DS2N. 
Hope everyone has a great week!
Joyful stitching to you all! And thank you for stopping by!! 


Brigitte said...

Oh yes, you are right, he's such a little cutie. Who is the designer?

Katie said...

Too cute! Congrats on the finish!!

Vicki said...


Linda said...

Congrats on the cute finish Lana.


Annie said...

Soo cute - love the bright colours:))

Lana said...

It's a leisure arts Kooler design studio book called Christmas Ornaments 78 cross stitch designs. Copyright 2003.

gominam said...

Congrats on your colorful finish! The bird and hearts make it even prettier, so cute!

Blu said...

Very cute!