Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sea of Roses...progress!

Last time I posted:
(Wow! What a craptastic photo! Sorry!)


This go around I was able to finish another column and get a good start on the next one. (3 of 7) this section seems to have a lot less confetti. 
Sorry again for yet ANOTHER craptastic photo... It's dreary and looking like rain here this evening so the lighting isn't too good! 
Hope you all had a great weekend and have a wonderful week! And I'll see yah again in 5 days! Thank you for reading!


Linda said...

Looking good Lana.


mbroider said...

But the best part is, i can "see" progress!! Keep it up:)


Justine said...

It looks great! Very inspiring to see good progress on these huge projects.

Annie said...

Wonderful progress!

Katie said...

Gorgeous progress!!

Renee said...

Beautiful progress!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

"Craptastic" makes me laugh! I think she is looking fabulous! Keep going!