Saturday, August 10, 2013

Winter Fun Ornament #2 Almost a Finish but Not Quite!

I am so close to a finish on this. All I have is to fill in a little bit of the snow in the background and finish the backstitching. I am not too pleased with the backstitch. For this one I used the called for color (DMC 535) Which is really a dark gray color, but I don't think it shows up quite as well as the black, so I will probably go back to using the black. The black just looks so much more crisp and clean in my opinion. What do you think?

Well, not sure how many more posts I will be posting the rest of this month, as we are going out of town for almost a month for vacation. We are going back to my parents to help celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary! So it will be a fun time! But I'm not counting on getting a whole bunch of stitching or other hobby type things done while we are there.

So, until next time- Joyful Stitching!!


Deb said...

Cute ornie! Back stitching has always been a quandary for me. Think your ornament look great!
Congrats to your parents on their 50th. Quite an accomplishment!
Enjoy vacationing!

Linda said...

Another cute ornie. I agree, I think I would use black.


Minnie said...

The ornament looks good but black back stitching may make the colors pop a little more. Congratulations to your parents.

Mii Stitch said...

Lovely ornament, it looks so cute!