Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Abbey- first progress update for June

And it may very well be the only update for the month of June, we just have to see how things work out with us moving and all, I'm not sure how much time I'll have for stitching and posting, and what my internet situation will be as well. 
This time around, I didn't get much in. Thank goodness for insomnia the past two nights, or I probably would have only gotten 1 hour in.  I am so stressed over this move and making sure we have everything and everything is getting done that I am absolutely EXHAUSTED come 8 or 9 p.m.  Then a few hours later after a "nap" I'm wide awake and making lists in my head of things to do, until I finally just give in and get up and get my day started. But not wanting to get into the endless list, afraid of waking up the household with the noise, I sit and stitch instead. So, that's a good thing...I guess.

They came yesterday and packed up our first load.  Which included my stitching stuff! I'm a bit nervous, as I had all my stuff in a plastic "File cabinet" looking thing, and they said I had to send the cabinet with the furniture, it was too big, and they took all the stitching out and just packed it in a cardboard box. Now I'm thinking I should have just told them "No, just leave it,and I'll send it in the big haul.", but I didn't. But hopefully it will arrived unscathed, keep your fingers crossed for me! (Just to clarify there is the "essentials load" that goes by plane, and it's things you will need right away when you get to your destination...dishes, my stitching, my books! Clothes, etc.,  The second haul is the household goods, which is basically everything else, and it travels by boat, so it can take up to two months to get to you.) So, I was between a rock and  a hard place....do I send it in it's safe plastic container but have to wait two months for it to arrive, or do I chance it to get to me safely and arrive just about the same time I do? Hard call.

But oh well, I have 5 projects in my bag to go with me:

-The Abbey
-Tree Branch, Winnie the Pooh (Which won the vote to take SVE's place, by the way! Thank you, all who voted!)
-Sunset Run
-Web of Life
- Ornaments (For Plane and car travel)

So, I should have plenty of stitching to keep me busy for awhile, plus I'll be taking my Kindle (80+ books) and 10 paper books, and a few other things to keep me occupied. Plus a 2 year old who will need to be entertained as well. So I'm hoping this month and the move go quick.

Now for goals.  I did really badly this past month, just so busy with stuff for the move.  Aaaaaand doinking around on the computer too much.

May Goals

-Finish Snow Valley Express
-work on page 7 of the Abbey (at least 5 hours)
-Work on "Web of Life" (at least 5 hours)


-Read 4 books (I read 6!)
-Get to page 575 in DQ- Nope, didn't even pick it up! But I'm taking it on the trip though, so hopefully this month!)


-Write 17 letters-nope, only wrote 5!
-Write 2000 words on newest piece of fiction-NOPE, didn't even work on it!

June goals

-Stitch when I can
-Read when I can
-Write when I can

I'm not making goals really for this month, I'm stressed enough without worrying about goals! LOL...So I'll pick up goals again in July, I think. 

Thank you for reading! And Joyful stitching!


Annie said...

The Abbey is looking great! Good luck with your move!

Pauline said...

Very great progress!
Good luck with the move.

Vicki said...

I think your June goals are just right! Praying for a stress-free move and safe arrival at your new home.

Linda said...

Oh wow Lana. The Abbey is such a gorgeous design. Where are you moving from and to.


Dani - tkdchick said...

Best of luck with the move no wonder your brain just won't turn off!

Looking lovely!

Lana said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments, to answer you, Linda-We are moving from Japan to Louisiana.=/