Friday, May 17, 2013

Late Update-Snow Valley Express

I wish I could say I did great on this project this go around, but I'm afraid I just can't. I got 3 thread lengths in on it! THREE!!! Sigh. I can't believe how absolutely lazy I have been lately. I don't know why either! All I ever want to do is either play computer games, or watch CSI Miami. (I have the first 6 seasons on DVD and I watch episode after episode.)

I'm not motivated to stitch, write or read. My three favorite things in the world.  My monthly goals are suffering badly! I feel like I'm in a life slump. The only thing I have been doing other than staring mindlessly at screens (computer or TV) is housework! Yeah, it befuddles me too! I hate housework! But when I feel that I can no longer sit and stare, I clean! What is wrong with me?!

So, yesterday I broke down and signed into bloglovin'.  I am really not happy about that!I have one particular e-mail that I use for my book blog, and the google reader that is all books, and I have a different one for stitching. So if I sign into blogger with the one e mail I get to my book blog, and it correlates with my book google reader. However, when I signed up for bloglovin', I didn't realize I was signed into my book google reader, and so I signed up with my stitching e-mail, and imported my book blogs, and so then I went back and had to sign up for my stitching blogs with the e-mail I use for my book blog stuff!! It's all so confusing! I'm so frustrated with the whole thing! But! one thing I found out, is how ridiculously easy it is to search for cross stitch (or book) blogs! I just put in "Cross stitch" in the search bar  and up came about 200-300 blogs all about stitching, I think I followed them all!  LOL....which is probably bad. Then I went and looked up book blogs and added even more, and then I looked up "snail mail" and there are a whole bunch of those too! This could get out of hand quickly!

Pretty soon, I will find myself not doing my hobbies at all, but just sitting and reading about everyone else doing the hobbies I used to love! LOL....I am seriously thinking that in 2014, I'm signing out of the internet, for a year. Just go old school for awhile. Whenever I mention that to my hubby, he laughs. Is there a 12 step group for internet dependency? I could probably use it!


* * * orangery - stitchery * * * said...

i know the feeling, love from Rio.

Dani - tkdchick said...

I hit a slump for a few weeks where life in general didn't appeal. It'll pass sometimes we just have to force ourselves to do a few things to get back into the swing of things.

Annie said...

Even the things we love can lose their appeal sometimes. When that happens to me I just lay off for a bit and then the love returns. I know what you mean, though...the whole time I'm laying off I'm angry beacause I WANT to want to stitch! Hang in there!

Mii Stitch said...

I felt I was spending too long on the PC and not enough with my needle so I de-activated my FB account!!! Now, I'm enjoying my stitching & posting about my progress!!! I also spend 30 mns max everyday on catching up on all my blog friends lovely posts! It's hard but you have to be strict otherwise you'll be stuck in a neverending circle xxx