Tuesday, October 04, 2011

WHERE is time going?!

They tell me there are 24 hours in a day, but I'm not sure I believe it!! It is already October and there is less than 3 months left of the year!

Which reminds me....although I've been steadily working on Christmas Cards, I only have ONE Halloween card stitched up yet!! And there are only 26 days left until that holiday!! I better get busy, huh?

Well, I HAVE been busy, but just not on those cards...My daughter is now 7 months old, and she seems to want my undivided attention more than ever lately!! So, been busy with that. And I am trying to work out a bit more, as the Marine Ball is in a month and if I wanna fit in my dress I gotta loose some weight! UGH! I've been trying to read more as I am in a 75 book challenge at Goodreads, and I just finished book 54 last night...got a ways to go, and I don't see that happening! I am,obviously, not going to complete my "Up for a Challenge" goals either! Of course then I sit and try to read all your lovely blogs, and comment on every one! That takes up alot of time, but I LOVE it!!

Time just slips through our fingers like sand!! Hope the month of October is treating you well so far! I will share photos in my next post! I promise!


country stitcher said...

I hear you about where does the time go. I watch my 2 year old granddaugher two days a week and I know that I won't get any thing done when she is here.
Good luck on the reading challenge.I like to read but I know that I haven't read that many books this year.
Have a great rest of the week.

Margaret said...

Isn't it amazing that the year is so close to being over? And with your little one too, it must really be noticeable! Babies can really want attention, can't they? Just wait till she refuses to take a nap. lol! Good luck with the work outs and fitting into your dress!

Jules said...

Yeah, I have been a busy stitcher lately. I am glad I got most of my mojo back after the summer I have had. And I am glad you are able to spend quality time with your daughter. That is probably the most important thing right now. I know you can get your reading done if you put your mind to it. You did it last year!!! Looking forward to seeing your progress on CH4TH!!!