Monday, April 18, 2011

Tree Branch progress!

Here is my progress on Tree Branch!! I finished the little tuft of green leaves sticking out from the trunk of the tree, and have been working on all the green of the tree at the top as well as working on the backstitching all over. I worked on Tiggers foot a little bit, and the actual branch part of the tree that the characters are sitting on. This one is coming along. Slowly, but surely!! All those huge blocks of color are a blessing and a pain all at once. They are great because they sorta go fast in the fact that you don't have to keep referring back to the pattern for counts, but a pain because it feels like it will neeeeveeer end, just endless stitches in the same color!!
Sorry about all the creases!!! Oops!

And next up, a picture of Alyssa's first smile caught on Camera!!! She is SOOOO cute! I know I had a hard time at the beginning of motherhood, but this little grin and cute face just makes motherhood all worth while!!! She kept flashing me a ton of them after her nap yesterday, as if she was just sooooo happy to see me!!! Made my heart soar!!! Not to be confused with "sore"...LOL

I pray you all have a wonderful stitchy day!! And if I don't post before then, I also hope my friends have a blessed Easter for those who celebrate it!!


country stitcher said...

Alyssa is so cute!!! I. Love her smile. You have great progress on your tree branch. Hope you have a great week of stitching

Maureen said...

oh what a cutie, those first wee smiles are always the best..

Lynn said...

Alyssa is adorable! That smile would win anyone's heart!
I understand completely what you mean about all those blocks of colour. Maybe we should switch for awhile. Seems like all I do when stitching on Spring Quakers is switch floss colours constantly. Feel like I'm getting nowhere fast!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Alyssa is gorgeous, love the smile.