Saturday, October 31, 2009

October goals recap and movin' right on into November!!

Well, My goals for October were:

1. Finish celtic knot Bookmark- DONE!
2. Finish Fright Night Friends- DONE!
3. Finish Good Night Mr. Moon- DONE!
4. Finish Midnight Watchman- DONE!
5. Put in one hour each on "Howling", CH4TH, and The Abby- Did one hour on "Howling, but not the other two.

So, I think I did pretty good, all in all. I had 4 finishes for the month! Can't balk at that I guess! =)

For November I am going to try to:

1. Work 20 hours on Howling (Finish page #4 of the pattern)
2. Work 8 hours on CH4TH
3. Work 12 hours on The Abby
4. Work on another WIP, though not sure which...

So this month not looking for any finishes per se, but if #4 ends up being a smallish one that I may be able to get a finish out of then alright, if not, thats alright too. My "Finish for the month" will be to finish another page on the "Howling at the Moon". So, will be busy with the needle this month, as long as I can stay off that evil, evil facebook. I am thinking that next year I am only going to play ONE game on that thing, not ten...ok so I'm not playing 10 now, but sometimes it feels like it.

Anyway. I'm off to do some reading...oh yeah! another goal reached!! I finished my 60 book goal for the year...I'm now reading book #62 for the year. Can you imagine how much I could get done if I didn't spend so much time on the computer?! Wow, it boggles the mind!!

Happy Halloween, stay safe out there!


Julie said...

Wow Lana! I just looked back at the original post for Howling. I kept wondering why you were saying page 4 of 9 and now I understand!!

Congrats on your finishes for the month of October. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on Howling and the others you are working on. I fear that I may not have time to do much stitching over the next few weeks as I am in the throws of the new semester at grad school. Lots of reading and writing this semester (at least until the holiday break).

I am also working on little stitches to make into Christmas cards as well as another poetry challenge (see my poetry blog for more info). And with the holidays around the corner, things are picking up at my part-time as needed job (delivering flowers). Not to mention my sister dragging me around to take pictures of her grandbabies (whom I adore and is really fun to do)...

I do intend to get Astral Lions done before Christmas, though. :)



CindyMae said...

Great job on your goals for October!! Good luck with November!

Claire said...

Well done on your goal's :)