Friday, August 28, 2009

Fears be gone!

Ok, one of my greatest fears when I realized we were getting shipped off to a foreign land was that I wouldn't be able to acquire (easily) new stash. Which so far this seems to be correct other than a good supplu of DMC which is sold at our craft shop here on base, everything else I would need I would have to order then wait 50 years for it to be delivered!

However, today I decided to go through my WIP's drawers...and I realized that these fears are totally moot!!

I have enough stitching projects in those drawers to last me at least 6 years!!!! Ones that I have started and somewhere along the way abandoned. I have a short attention span when it comes to my stitching, it seems! Although I am getting better about that! I have projects in these drawers that I started up to 5 years ago and not finished!!! I have projects that I have gotten, kitted up and then abandoned, sooooo many projects, that I pulled out and went: "Oh yeah! I remember this!" And set it in my pile of "to work on now" projects. Now my "To work on now " pile is larger than it needs to be! lol...

So, today I totally abandoned BoInk in favor of "America Birdhouses Unite." This one I started in 2006, I believe I found the post for it there. You'll notice (if you were to go looking for these posts) that I post about this project twice (maybe three times) and then it disappears off the radar. It's the same with several others as well. Well, that is because I never happy danced over them, I merely shoved them aside for the new projects that I would either buy or decide I wanted to work on.

So all this to say that maybe it is a goooood thing that I am not able to acquire stash so easily, maybe these next 4 years we are here will help me to finish up some of those long lost and forgotten projects that have been hanging around for so long, just waiting to be happy danced over! And I can be saving up my pennies for our return to the states and being able to buy new stuff.

But do not worry dear friends, I am not totally jumping ship with BoInk, I still intend to finish it by Sept 10th. I just got excited about my findings this morning. But America Birdhouses unite will be set aside, I just worked on it a little bit this morning.

Yesterday I also started working on "Achoo!" again as well, but again have decided not to work on it steadily until I am finished with BoInk. Now I am getting excited for finishing BoInk so I can go stash diving and come up with an old loved but forgotten project to work on.

At any rate, I am very relieved to know that in these next few years I will not run out of things to stitch! Pictures to come soon, of both ABHU and Achoo! Hope yo uare all having a wonderful weekend!


Carolyn NC said...

Glad to know you'll not be short of stitching supplies!

michelle said...

Well I guess that shows that wips can be a very good thing. What a relief! Have fun!

CindyMae said...

I would have shared that same fear but so glad that you have found enough to keep you busy! And at least they have plenty of floss on base!

Anonymous said...
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