Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh boy...

Well we are in the thick of it...moving that is...I've been talking about the move for months now, but as I speak, my possessions lay haphazardly around me wrapped in brown packing paper, and piles of boxes are everywhere.

I am sleeping on a mattress...and I have only hubby's laptop as a means for computer intertainment...which sucks, because yesterday hubby was on here playing his dumb game for 12 hours!!!! So I was tuck in the bedroom, stitching and reading and sleeping.

It's really rediculous the amount of time that man plays his online game...but whatever!!

I'm now fully addicted to "BoInk" by Ink Circles. It is all I've been stitching...I am not sure when I will be able to share a photo. I can't wait to be settled in my new abode. but first we have to have movers come get all our things, then his family will be here for a short visit, ugh...then we go to California to see my parents, and then it's off to Japan.

Actually I say his fam will be here for sh. visit, but they are actually mvoing into this house. As his brother got orders to this base and has to be here just days before we leave so the last three days here I have to deal with 5 extra people in my house!!! One being a 6 month old and another a 2 year old, and two being his bro. and his wife who hate me and made me miserable the entire time they lived in this house when we first got it 4 years ago, who free loaded for a year, and his mother who won't talk to my husband unless she needs soemthing. So...There is not a person in this bunch that I even remotely will enjoy visiting with,'s gonna suck. I think I am planning lots of hours "Not feeling well, in bed" while they're here. And stay in my room with needle and thread. =) Works for me!

Well, as I spent much of my day in bed yesterday, because there wasn't much else to do as hubby was on here, I slept on and off all day, and am now awake at 5 in the morning...he just went to bed 3 hours ago...the dork!

Boy am I in a right awful mood today! Grrr...gonna go stitch, maybe that will make me feel better!!


Kathryn said...

Change is stressful. Moving is stressful. But even though you dislike these encroaching visitors, just remember, soon you will be gone. You will be thousands of miles away and you will leave them all behind. Stitch, read, take pictures of your adventures. Enjoy!

Carolyn NC said...

It'll all be over soon and then on to the exciting part. Hang in there!

CindyMae said...

This is a huge move for y'all but at least it is getting closer to being over and one with. My hubby plays on the puter all the time too, but the way I see it is that the more he plays and is occupied the more I am able to stitch!!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Those 3 days will be terrible for you, all I can say is stitch, stitch, stitch!!! I hope that all goes well with the move. You are making great progress with The Abbey, looking forward to another update of BOINK, it is one I have planned for the future.

Alberta said...

Lana, hope this note finds you on something more comfy than your "raft"! I laughed so hard when I read that part...memories of camping in a Woods tent.