Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Lots of stitchin'!!

Thank you all for such encouraging comments on my last post!!! Yes, I do deserve a break every so often, and this past weekend I sure took one! I am almost finished with the September freebie I started (one day before Sept. actually started!) It took me less than a week to finish!!! Well, that is if I actually sit down after this or tomorrow and finish it...I only have a handful of satin stitched leaves to put on the little apples. Oh the pattern is The word September with an apple tree, and the infamous border that is on all her freebies it seems. I can't believe I have almost finished it!

Now the question is: what next? Do I start the October one, or do I work on the other monthly series of hers? I downloaded the first 4 installments of that one, as well as the first three of the alphabet series, which by the way...I started the letter A already this past weekend as well. I really got quite a bit of stitching in this weekend, and let me tell you it felt really good!

I also got a bit of reading in...still stuck on HP #5...I don't know what it is with that one, but seems to be taking me forever to finish...hmmm...? Probably just between school and other things. Plus I have to admit that when I am in school and I have to do so much required reading that reading for fun just isn't as great as when I'm NOT required to spend so much time reading, does that make sence?

Well, I am so proud of myself, I have also been reading many blogs, and really enjoying them as well, and I am actually under 300 feeds now!!! Yippeee for me!!! So much beautiful stitvching going on out there!

Well, I am off to either 1) finish up my september freebie, 2) play sims 3) what i should do...homework, hmmm...decisions decisions!


Cathy said...

Order of the Phoenix is the hardest book for me to read out of the series. It's the one that JK Rowling has said that she would go back and edit it to make it shorter if she could. It's also hard to read because it's frustrating. You know that Harry is right even though everyone is telling him he's wrong, and he's very surly through almost the whole book.
I'm loving the layout of your page!

Lauren said...

Oh, I'm a Sims addict, too. I think a new expansion pack actually came out today. Oh well, I have exchanges I have to stitch, so it'll just have to wait! I didn't care much for book 5, either.

Hazel said...

Oooh sounds like you've been doing lots of stitching. Can't wait to see pics. xx

Carla said...

Good to know you had weekend full of stitches...can't wait to pictures of it.

Michelle-ozark crafter said...

No sims for me thank you! Rather be stitching! LOL!