Thursday, December 31, 2020

Wish You Were Here Year end wrap up

 Here is how it looks now:

Here’s how it looked at the first of the year:

I was able to get a page finish on this so that makes me happy. 
Next year? No solid plans for this one, but it will definitely be worked on as it will be used in some of the challenges in Full Coverage Fanatics group on FB. 

And that wraps up my year end updates. I really hope you had as great a stitchy year as I did. In my next update I will have the year long tally of all stitches completed for the year. 

Thank you for sticking with me through out such a rough year for all of us. I know I wasn’t consistent with posting a lot of times this year. But just like everyone else is, I was trying to get used to the “New normal” that CoVid has brought to our lives. I was still working outside of the home, but my husband and daughter were schooling from home, so I had little time to myself this year. So when I did have quiet time, I preferred to spend that time stitching, not fighting with blogger. 

Happy New Year everyone!!
See yah in 2021!!! 
2020 is over- we made it!!!!

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